NAFI RI welcomes inquiries, suggestions and feedback regarding our organization and services. Please find a staff member from the list below, or contact us using our online form

RI Regional Office

Phone: (401) 921-8700
Fax: (401) 921-1890

Cindy Livsey, Director of Operations

Phone: (401) 921-8702

Tracey Pearson, Director of Residential Services

Phone: (401) 921-8744


Program Contacts:

Enhanced Out Patient Services (EOS)

Paul Castaldi, Director

(401) 921-8733

(401) 490-8915  Intake

Foster Care Services/Professional Parent Program

Ashley Moniz, Director

(401) 921-8722

Lincoln House Program

Susan Reed, Director

(401) 359-5091

Main Street Boys Program

Karen Cox, Director

(401) 289=0030

Multisystemic Therapy

Kristen Hodges, Project Director

(401) 921-8766

 Oakland Beach Program

Antwyon Carter, Program Director

(401) 384-7975

Parenting with Love and Limits (PLL)

Kristen Hodges, Project Director

(401) 921-8766

Ridge Street Program

Jennifer Raphael-Guzman, Director

(401) 721-8040


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