NAFI has been operating residential and non-residential programs in Rhode Island since 1989. The RI Continuum was established in 1994, connecting seven programs in a continuum of care, from most to least restrictive. In 2004, NAFI/RI grew into a comprehensive network of nine programs, serving adolescents and adults.

The NAFI/RI Network includes both juvenile justice and behavioral health programs.  Client needs are met in the least restrictive setting. Consistency in philosophy and methods in the Normative Approach accounts for smooth and lasting transitions to less restrictive settings. All Network programs are united in their shared mission of learning and growing together. An annual series of social and educational events shared by the Network programs help staff and clients stay connected.

Mission:  Empowering others through Teaching, Learning and Growing Together

It is this mission statement that binds all members of the RI Network, guides the daily lives of all our staff and residents, and drives all of our Network activities and traditions. Our strong and common belief in the statement “teach so you may learn, learn so you may teach” helps all members of the RI Network community remain open to new experiences, reflective about thier own actions, and conscious of their responsibility to others as role models in all their activities.

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