NAFI Leadership

Board of Directors

Andy Quinn, Chairman
Hildy Paris, Treasurer
Diana Bennett, Assistant Clerk
Glendaly Macci
William Benjamin
Kim Opperman
Jessica Serra
Julio Rivera
John Benigni

Leadership Teams

Rhode Island Regional Team

  • Cindy Livsey, Director of Operations
  • Tracey Pearson, Director of Residential Services
  • John Basiliere, Information Systems Manager
  • Dawn Sparadeo, Human Resources Manager
  • AnneMarie Lema, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
  • Sue Frament, Quality Assurance and Training Manager
  • Amanda Provencal,  Business Office Coordinator

Executive Team

  • Lynn Bishop, Executive Director
  • Amy Lefebvre, Director of Operations CT
  • Cindy Livsey, Director of Operations RI
  • Bea Jaramillo, Director of Finance
  • Heather Kalin, Director of Human Resources
  • Melissa Petrone, Director of Quality Assurance