NAFI Leadership

Board of Directors

Andy Quinn, Chairman
Hildy Paris, Treasurer
Glendaly Macci
William Benjamin
Kim Opperman
Jessica Serra
Julio Rivera
John Benigni

Leadership Teams

Rhode Island Regional Team

  • Cindy Livsey,  Director of Operations
  • Tracey Pearson,  Director of Residential Services
  • John Basiliere,  Director of Information Systems
  • Dawn Sparadeo,  Human Resources Manager
  • Anne-Marie Lema,  Office Manager
  • Sue Frament,  Quality Assurance and Training Manager

Executive Team

  • Lynn Bishop, Executive Director
  • Amy Lefebvre, Director of Operations CT
  • Cindy Livsey, Director of Operations RI
  • Heather Kalin, Director of Human Resources
  • Melissa Petrone, Director of Quality Assurance