December 24, 2020
Dear NAFI/NFI staff and family:
Dr. Yitzhak Bakal, President and Founder of NAFI/NFI
As a very challenging 2020 comes to an end, let our holiday season be filled with gratitude for the extraordinary commitment and work you have done to ensure the wellbeing of consumers — and each other. You have taken on the added demands of the pandemic in ways that we couldn’t have anticipated. No one has felt the brunt of these impediments as much as our direct care workers, who deserve special praise and thanks.
It is important to note that, in being pushed to the limits week after week, we have gained new strengths as a community. Instead of giving into these large challenges we found new, creative solutions. Instead of pulling back, we expanded our ability to deliver services with excellence. Instead of being diminished by setbacks, we gained resilience. As we’ve continued to empower our consumers, we’ve empowered ourselves to uphold our mission in unflagging ways.
With these accomplishments in hand and vaccines now on the way, we enter the New Year with confidence and hope. We will continue to adjust to the inevitable changes that are happening all around us. We will continue to embrace the opportunities that emerge from the crisis to achieve success with our usual resolve, upholding our reputation as a national leader in the field of human services.
Again, please accept my gratitude and thanks.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday,
Dr. Yitzhak Bakal