Enhanced Outpatient Services (EOS)

Overview: We help families of children with behavioral health care needs to effect meaningful, long-lasting positive changes in their lives so that children can fulfill their potential.

Our Formulation focused treatment is designed to help caregivers maintain their children at home with the focus on family, empowering caregivers, and targeting the most relevant issues related to the child’s behavioral problems.

Population served: Ages 2 to 17
Program: Outpatient, home-based, Family Oriented.
Insurance Accepted: NHP, United RItcare Community plan, Tufts RItogether

Program Contact:

Referral and Intake

Erica Basilio
(401) 490-8915
FAX:  (401)384-7659

Program Director

Alison Rodino, Director
Phone: (401) 921-8760
Email: AlisonRodino@nafi.com

Kristal Glaude, LMHC  Clinical Director
Email: Kristalglaude@nafi.com